Private clients and foundations

When it comes to wealth management for private individuals, we set the standard.

There are many compelling reasons why Albin Kistler is one of Switzerland’s leading wealth management companies:




Our investment philosophy is characterised by clear and timeless principles. Security and quality are our priority. We see ourselves as conservative investors who concentrate on the long-term success of asset investments. Short-term trading does not form part of our strategy.

Absolute transparency.

We communicate with our clients openly and in a spirit of partnership. After all, their expectations are identical to our objective – outstanding performance. Our fee model is clear and transparent. The focus of our investment policy is on direct investments. Will there be any conflicts of interest or hidden costs? Absolutely not!

A reliable partner.

Tailored, holistic management of each individual client by an expert personal contact lays the foundations for an ongoing cooperation with lasting success. An Albin Kistler discretionary mandate is precisely adapted to each client’s investment objectives in relation to the invested capital.

Your investment objective.

Our customised offering enables us to cater to each client’s different investment objectives and, on this basis, to offer our clients exclusive investment vehicles coupled with a tried-and-tested investment strategy.

These include direct investment mandates, coverage of individual asset classes via the Albin Kistler funds and comprehensive pillar 2 and 3 retirement planning solutions.

The minimum investment for a mandate is half a million Swiss francs.

Fund portfolio

Information on the Albin Kistler funds

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Your wealth management contact.
Please do not hesitate to contact us – we look forward to hearing from you!

Roman Heinimann

Head of Private Clients

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Moritz Baumann

Deputy Head of Private Clients

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