We have been supporting more than 90 institutional clients with a consistently high level of commitment for more than 25 years.


In addition to the management of active mixed mandates, we generate added value for institutional clients within specific investment categories. The segments global stocks, Swiss stocks, CHF bonds as well as small and mid cap Swiss company stocks are an integral part of our expertise.


Irrespective of the chosen implementation variant (direct investments, funds, mixed form), we guarantee uniform implementation and absolute transparency for all held positions. Hidden costs or retrocessions are excluded.

Pension fund mixed mandates (CHF)

Cumulative net return since 2000
As of 30.06.2024

162.7%Albin Kistler109.1%CS PK IndexView performance record

Swiss equities (CHF)

Cumulative net return since 2000
As of 30.06.2024

470.5%Albin Kistler217.1%SPI TRView performance record

Swiss small & mid cap equities (CHF)

Cumulative net return since 2017
As of 30.06.2024

67.3%Albin Kistler56.5%SPI EXTRA Index TRView performance record

Bonds (CHF)

Cumulative net return since 2007
As of 30.06.2024

43.5%Albin Kistler34.5%Swiss Bond Index AAA-BBBView performance record


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