Proven investment philosophy for your pension assets

Albin Kistler pension mandates provide you with an exclusive opportunity to invest your pension assets (vested benefits custody account, 1e plans, pillar 3a) using the proven Albin Kistler investment philosophy.


With our different pension strategies, we are able to take account of our clients’ total assets situation in a way that is tailored to them. Depending on their risk profile, the appropriate investment strategy is selected. In all of our investment strategies, our cli-ents are able to select a focussed investment in small and mid cap Swiss companies. Despite the large number of quality businesses and impressive historical returns (“small cap premium”), many investors are substantially underinvested when it comes to Swiss small and mid cap companies.


The long-term investment of pension assets can help optimise retirement savings. Fol-lowing the transition of pension assets to private assets, the investment strategy can be continued using the same investment philosophy. Changes to the strategy can be im-plemented at any time, with no additional fees.

Investing pension assets brings tax benefits: tax-free investment income, no wealth taxes, compound interest effect of deferred taxes and privileged capital disbursement tax on receipt. Vested benefits can continue to be managed in pension assets for up to five years after reaching the AHV retirement age.


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