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The example of our client A – a client mandate following a balanced investment strategy since 1992 right through to the present day – shows how assets can be continuously increased and money can be regularly withdrawn at the same time. The client started over 30 years ago with an investment of CHF 1 million, drew a steady stream of funds for his living costs and nevertheless increased his assets during this period to CHF 3.5 million. This corresponds to a net return of around 307% or an annual return of 4.6% since the start of the mandate.

The management of private assets is one of our core competencies. Thanks to our long-term, sustainable approach, disciplined securities selection and the compound interest effect, our clients have benefited from attractive asset growth. For more detailed information on our offer for private clients and the investment returns achieved, please click on the following link.

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Pension provision

We provide our clients with comprehensive support in the management of their pension assets – our expertise lies in long-term asset management. Their pension assets are also invested in line with the proven Albin Kistler investment philosophy. This ensures the uniform management of all asset components – meaning the reference date of the pension assets also plays a subordinate role.

To derive the optimal investment strategy for pension assets over the long term, we always clarify the overall asset situation as well as the client’s personal risk appetite and expected asset requirements. On the basis of this coordinated analysis, we are able to produce an overview of the client’s financial starting position and demonstrate possible opportunities with respect to the investment allocation of the client’s total assets. In addition to the opportunity for long-term asset growth, the investment of pension assets also offers tax advantages. Detailed tax and pension planning is performed by selected third-party experts, with Albin Kistler focusing on the implementation of the action plan.

Offer and performance

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Institutional clients

We have been supporting our institutional clients as a reliable partner for more than 20 years. It is with pleasure that we can look at the success stories generated through our management of both pension and company assets. One of many noteworthy examples is an active pension fund mandate that has been managed for more than 15 years and which has already proved itself on several occasions as a reliable third contributor in direct comparison with competitors and benchmarks.

For more detailed information on our offer for institutional clients and the investment returns achieved, please click on the following link.

offer and performance

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