Since the very beginning of the company, Albin Kistler has focused on security, quality, longterm thinking and transparency. These four components of our investment philosophy also carry the same weight in our sustainability approach.



Our comprehensive in-house analysis activities mean we are familiar with every detail of the investments we make on behalf of our clients. We deliberately focus on direct investments in developed markets, enabling us to identify and evaluate potentially critical topics at any time.


As a first step in our investment process, we apply the exclusion criteria defined by our investment philosophy. They ensure we do not invest in any controversial industries, business activities or product categories that are at odds with our values.
In a second step, every investment decision is subjected to a rigorous sustainability analysis. A dedicated ESG committee – made up of specialists and members of the Executive Board – examines potential sustainability risks in depth and has the authority to decide whether or not we should invest in a company or issuer.


Our sustainability analysis is based on the three widely known dimensions of environmental, social and governance (ESG). The process draws on various data sources, among them the MSCI ESG Research, a leading global provider of sustainability data and ratings. In doing so, we ensure the systematic integration of sustainability issues into our investment process.

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